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Oct 7, 2012 10:00am PDT
vegetables. >> reporter: these days, small neighborhood gardens are also popping up all over the city on previously abandoned lots and even in some residents' backyards. this past summer, 30,000 teenage volunteers -- unmistakable in their in brightly colored t-shirts -- arrived in new orleans from lutheran congregations across the country to help till and plant. sanjay kharod works to connect local residents with organizations and groups, like these lutheran volunteers, that can help them grow food. >> there's a long history of growing in the city, and what we're trying to do is we're trying to encourage people to do that again. >> reporter: by and large, residents have reacted enthusiastically. >> i go to the store, if i decide to buy me some strawberry, pop one of them open, taste it, and there's no taste to it. you know, and i grew strawberries in my yard and picked that, and they're nice and sweet. >> reporter: food deserts have become more numerous in new orleans since the hurricane. according to the congressional hunger center, the average grocery store here now serves 16,000 peopl
Oct 21, 2012 8:30am EDT
trafficking and prostitution. >> reporter: angeles city is one of the asia's most notorious sex districts. even on a rainy evening, dozens of young women were outside their establishments on the lookout for customers. >> don't touch me, ma'am. >> reporter: shay cullen cuts a promising customer profile around here, and on this night he was frequently accosted. in fact, the 74-year-old ireland-born dominican catholic priest has campaigned for four decades to clean up this district. the boom in commercial sex here dates back to the vietnam war, when the u.s. military greatly expanded its philippine bases nearby. today, father shay, as he's called around here, says 12,000 women work this strip. where do they come from primarily? >> the majority in this area are coming from north america. australia is quite big. koreans, there's special clubs here for the koreans, but also from europe. >> reporter: over the years, father cullens's people's recovery, empowerment and development -- or preda foundation -- has sheltered and rehabilitated thousands of young women rescued from the sex trad
Oct 14, 2012 10:30am EDT
in the new york city subway system. more than 100 muslim, interfaith and other advocacy groups voiced their opposition in a letter to the d.c. transit authority. meanwhile, a prominent christian organization, sojourners, and the council on american islamic relations plan to display ads in support of american muslims. >>> this election season, four states have ballot initiatives dealing with same-sex marriage. we have a story from one of them, minnesota, where a vigorous battle is underway. the question is whether the state constitution should be amended to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. catholics, evangelicals and other faith leaders, plus celebrities, are all engaged in the fight, as fred de sam lazaro reports today not from halfway around the world, but from his own hometown. >> minnesota is the 32nd state where voters have been asked to weigh in on same-sex marriage. in every case, they've voted to ban it. 18 states outlawed civil unions as well. minnesota's question is narrow -- should the state constitution define marriage as the union of one man and one woman
Oct 28, 2012 10:30am EDT
a tent city. and they will live in this tent and perform five daily prayers. the prophet mohammed, when he made his pilgrimage, he came to the top of this hill. he gave his final sermon. it is the belief that after one completes this day on arafah, that all of your sins are forgiven. the prophet instructed his companions to collect some pebbles. and the next morning, after arafah, come and throw, symbolically, their pebble, like abraham threw at the devil when he was tempted. while we are in mina, throwing our stones, people in mecca are celebrating eid. it's like thanksgiving on steroids. we sacrifice a sheep, and we give that food to the needy around our planet. my hajj is not valid unless i make the sacrifice. >>> that's our program for now. i'm bob abernethy. you can follow us on twitter and facebook and watch us anytime on the pbs app for iphones and ipads. there's always much more on our web site as well, including more of our interviews with diana butler bass and joni eareckson tada. you can comment on all of our stories and share them. audio and video podcasts are also ava
Oct 1, 2012 7:30am EDT
city ordinance that outlaws preaches on bourbon street after dark. it the law bars people from disseminated social religious or political messages on the street between sunset and sunrise. the american civil liberties union filed suit on behalf of a preacher after members of her ministry were arrested. in new york city a prominent egyptian american blogger was arrested after painting over a controversial subway ad that equates jihad with savagery. the hotly debated ad now in several subway stations urges people to defeat jihad and support israel against, quote, the savage. several muslim and interfaith groups have protested the ads. the sponsors insist they are protected by the first amendment. in other news there was more scholary debate this week over the so-called gospel of jesus's wife. an ancient scrap of papyrus a harvard professor says might be evidence early christians believed jesus was married. the vatican this week called the item a fake and a clumsy forgery. >>> a special church of england panel held three days of closed door meetings to select the next arch bishop
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)